Your vision is about to become your reality ...

First, coffee (and cake!)

Let's grab a coffee and start planning out your photoshoot. Every personal brand photoshoot starts with an in-depth brand questionnaire. I want to know everything about you (ok, maybe not quite everything, but you get the idea!)

I want to know about your business, about your ideal clients, your marketing strategy, your content pillars, your offers, promotions, etc.

So our first call is more of a business strategy call.

The secret is in the strategy

Then we start planning ...

Once we have the strategy down, and we know where you are going, we work out how we are going to get there.

We start with a mood board.

Then we create a list of the photographs we want to capture during your photoshoot. This will be a work in progress during the planning process.

We also start thinking about locations. This is a key step of your planning process, as your entire photoshoot will revolve around your chosen location. I will be on hand to help you with this!

We will also talk about hair and make-up, styling and props, and more importantly how to create brand photos that are authentic to you but also tap into your ideal client's buyer psychology.

Your photoshoot day

Your photoshoot day is going to be so much fun!

You are going to step into your higher self identity and feel like the star of your own show!

With your location(s) carefully chosen, we will flow through your list of photos and outfits creating the most stunning images for your business.

I always leave plenty of time for breaks, outfit changes, and spontaneous photos, because fun is the order of the day.

Your photoshoot day

Your photos are ready!

Within 3 days of your photoshoot, you will receive a small selection of images as your highlight reel, so you can start sharing them straight away.

The full edit from your photoshoot will follow approx 3 weeks after your shoot.

But our journey does not stop here. I love to keep in touch with my clients and share their success journey.

In summary



You've got to know where you are going, and how you are going to get there, before you start planning your personal brand photoshoot. So strategy always comes first.



We plan your photoshoot in detail. Location, props, hair and make-up, styling ... everything. Every single photo we take, has to capture your energy, but also tap into your ideal client's subconscious.



The big day! It's all about having fun and stepping into your CEO identity ... high energy, high vibes all the way!

You are going to be star of your own show!



You'll receive your highlight reel in just 3 days ... because I know how important it is to get your photos out there pronto!

The final edit will be ready within 3 weeks.


This is my first photoshoot, what should I know?

Just bring your true authentic self to your photoshoot, but also be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone! It's going to be an epic day!

What should I wear?

We talk a lot about outfits during our planning calls, and I will guide you along the way. You'll need a variety of outfits from drop-dead-gorgeous to leisurely Sunday.

How many pictures will I receive?

It depends on which photoshoot option you choose. The 6 Figure Brand shoot comes with a minimum of 300 images, but the other packages with less. Trust me, you'll need them all!

Are you available outside of Sussex?

Hell yeah, baby! I travel all over the UK for my personal brand photoshoot. Choosing your location for your photoshoot is key. The rest of your shoot will revolve around that!

Are there any extra costs?

Not from me, however there may be additional costs involved if we hire a location for your photoshoot. I also highly recommend having your hair and make-up done professionally, which will also incur an extra cost.

How far in advance should I book my shoot?

Planning a personal brand photoshoot takes time. I usually advise to book your shoot at least 4 weeks in advance (if I have availability), although most clients book 6-8 weeks in advance.