Location, location, location.

Whenever I work with clients, questions about a location for their brand shoot always come up early on in our conversation. And that’s not surprising … because choosing the location for your brand photoshoot is such an important part of the process. 

The location of your photoshoot is absolutely key for creating the right brand images, that will help you attract the right clients and the right price point. 

The location you choose will depend very much on the nature of your business, your values, your brand aesthetics, where you want to position yourself in the market, and of course, your budget. 

For example, if you are personal trainer, then a suitable location would be a gym, or a local venue you might run your classes from. Just like Cecilie's photo below, taken in the studio where she runs her pilates classes from ...

Cecilie runs pilates classes from a local studio with beautiful natural light.

If you are the CEO of a marketing agency, then your brand photos would look very different, and so the location would need to be very different too. For example Leanne's photographs were taken in a styled location (a styled home available for hire for photoshoots) with a high-end but very friendly and neutral feel.

Three different types of location

Generally speaking you have three main options when it comes to choosing the right location for your personal brand photoshoot.

Outdoor spaces

The beach is a perfect example of open space for a brand photoshoot. Living down on the South coast only a few miles away from the beach, means that I do quite a few brand photoshoots on the beach. 

Who are these suitable for? 

Creative businesses who offer freedom as a transformation. The beach is often seen as a free, calm, expansive space. 

As part of her brand photoshoot, Jane chose to have some of the photos taken at the beach. Not only is it her favourite place to unwind, but we also created images that suggested feeling calm, resilient and successful - which is exactly the transformation that Jane offers her clients.

You can also choose a local park, a nature beauty spot, or even a built-up area if this fits in well with your brand, and the transformation you offer for your clients. 

The advantage of choosing an outdoor space is that there is no additional cost involved. The disadvantage is that (especially in the UK) the weather is never guaranteed, so you may need to be prepared to re-schedule your photoshoot. 

Your own home

I often find that using a client’s own home for a photoshoot is a bit like marmite. They either love the idea, or they absolutely hate it. 

It is important to note that a brand shoot in your own home would work well if your home has good natural light and is an aesthetic match for your business and your brand, and where you wish to position yourself in the market. 

For example, at the time of writing this blog (April 2024) we are in the process of getting started on a house extension build, so our house really does not feel like an aesthetic match with my business - at all! I'm very much hoping it will be once the extension has been built. But until then, I will hire a location for my own brand photoshoots. 

Having said that, I love photographing business women in their own home.  Their personality often shines through in the decor and accessories, and this helps give their brand images that extra personal vibe.

By photographing Ali in her own space and in her own home, we were able to give an accurate behind the scenes image of what it would be like to work with Ali as her 1:1 client.

Hiring a space

The majority of my clients opt to hire a space for their brand photoshoot. 

This could be a work space, or more often than not, someone else's home which has been styled for photoshoots. I used a website called Styled Home Studios, although there are others too, to select a location that matches my clients' brand, their vibe, and their brand colours. Yep, you can even select your location by brand colour ...

Aesthetics are key to a successful brand image, and that includes the background as well as the general vibe that the image creates.  

The glass and straight lines in Elena's photo below creates a strong image, with a slightly office / corporate feel, without it being an office. It matches perfectly her sleek, business-like pose and outfit.

By huge contrast, Emma's photos have a very cosy, friendly and approachable feel about them. Emma is a copywriter, and the soft furnishings and soft colours in this photo make it even more inviting to want to work with her.

Hiring the right space for your personal brand photoshoot can instantly elevate your brand, and position you as the leader in your industry.

Which is why I am here to help all my clients with choosing the right photoshoot location for them, for their business and for where they want their business to be 12 months down the line.

It is also, the reason why I very carefully select certain styled locations for my brand photoshoot and networking events. It is so important to make sure that each client who comes along to one of these events enjoys the full benefit of the location, and that their photos help them build a strong brand.

Have you been thinking about a brand photoshoot for quite some time, but you haven't booked one yet because you haven't found the right location yet?

I would love to have a chat, and help you find the right location for you.

Get in touch.